Our Programs

Capacity Building

The Foundation first elected the working areas than contacts baseline surveys and identify the targeted beneficiaries after identification motivate and educated the targeted people on the good objective of the foundation and activities.

Skill Development Training

The Foundation arranger occupational skill development training for the destitute women and the adolescent girls from 2018 and 80 for 700 destitute women and adolescent girls have been provided skill development training course on tailoring embroidery

Community Development

EDAF Foundation has been working on Community development since it’s inception in 2018 in all the working village, which are supported by the above partner NGO’s and Community based initiatives.

Human Rights Development

By The funded consortium EDAF- Foundation work for the establish of rights and skill development training for youth women. We are trying to ensure the human rights from our end, childern and women are our main focus to ensure their rights


Education is the first and for most couponed EDAF Foundation development’s intervention so it makes aware the people and makes literate in these respect’s it run children education and adult education. We are also trying to makeup their education

Health & Hygiene

Health and hygiene is ongoing program of the foundation which was started in 2018 as all the field are covered with this program because through weekly group meeting all the community people and the group members are made aware on health and hygiene.

Capital Foundation & Investment Support

EDAF-Foundation creates employment and income earning opportunities for the poor organized group member’s through providing skill training management training etc. and providing supports. it uses group savings donors find and revolving loan fund of the foundation. So, for if has been provided minimum 1 (one) core. consortium member for understanding small and big income interesting activities. who have been running their IGPS profitably and objectively and earning as extra income for families and also self-employed. the loan realisation is about EDAF 100%.